Selamat Pagi

Indonesian Inspired Fare

  • SAMBAL DEVILED EGGS pickled red onion, scallion (shellfish)
    Price: $8
  • CRISPY RICE SALAD* tofu, chili jam, roasted peanut, fresh herbs
    Price: $13
  • GREEN PAPAYA SALAD* carrot, crispy shallot, peanut, sesame (soy)
    Price: $13
  • SPRING ROLLS* shiitake, taro, carrot (gluten, soy)
    Price: $12
  • WINGS palm sugar and ginger glaze
    Price: $12
  • CRAB FRITTERS spicy black bean aioli (shellfish, soy, gluten)
    Price: $13
  • NASI GORENG* vegetable fried rice, krupuk, sunny-side up egg (gluten, soy, shellfish)
    Price: $14
    add barry's tempeh - Price: $4 / add wild gulf shrimp - Price: $7
  • FISH CURRY tempura-fried monkfish, roasted vegetable, cilantro, rice (nuts, gluten)
    Price: $19
  • PUMPKIN CURRY fried kabocha, spaghetti squash, coconut, thai basil, pepitas, rice (soy, gluten)
    Price: $16
  • CURRY LAKSA tofu puff, wild gulf shrimp, six-minute egg, rice noodle (soy, shellfish, nuts)
    Price: $17
  • RENDANG grass-fed beef, cilantro, crispy shallot, coconut sambal, rice (nuts)
    Price: $22
  • Price: $

* = Vegan and/or Vegetarian option available

large groups subject to a 20% automatic gratuity